Wednesday, January 02, 2008

001 – Romanian-Podcast.Net – Saluturi (Greetings)

Hello, the first lesson is out now. It is about some basic Romanian greetings, how to ask what is someone's name, how to answer that and something about pronunciation. I hope you enjoy it.

The files: audio (mp3) and the transcript (pdf).

Please give your feedback by posting comments here or by writing dorectly to my email: florin (at) romanian - podcast . net


Anonymous said...

Hi ! Thank you so much for putting up this podcast. I am coming to Bucharest soon and need to learn! I was wondering how to download the first pocast. when i suscribed it only downloaded the 2nd to itunes. Thanks! Karina

Florin said...


And thanks for your comment.
I will install later today iTunes to see how it is working with it.
I am using the podcast software on my mobile and it seems to work fine.

I will let you know later.


Florin said...

Hi again,

As promised, I have checked the podcast with the iTunes, and I had no problem downloading the episodes.

Please make sure to set to download all episodes, not only the last one.
(Settings -> Podcasts -> When new episodes are available "Download all")

Hope this helps,

karina said...

Thanks Florin! I was able to download the second podcast. we are listening to you in the car in Hollywood! karina

Aletta said...

Hi, Florin... or I'd rather say: Salut!! Thank you for posting these lessons, they are so useful to me, I am trying to learn Romanian out of pure curiosity just because I was born in Bucuresti but I'm Italian. Listening to a native speaker does the trick!! Many greetings and keep up the good work :) Alessandra

Florin said...

Hi Alessandra,

It's great to hear you found it useful. I'll try to keep up the pace with all you those who are interested in this.

Good luck with the learning!

Ian said...

Salut Florin,

Thank you for this. I am planning to go to Romania at the end of March and hope to work my way through your podcasts by then.

La revedere,


Glasgow, UK

Ian said...

Salut Florin,

Thank you for this. I am planning to go Romania at the end of March and hope to work my way through your podcasts over the coming weeks.

Just done number 1 and now know my first Romanian!

La revedere,


(Glasgow, UK)

Florin said...

That's great, Ian.
Good luck nad hope these lessons will help!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great. My girlfriend is from romania, And i want to learn the language.
So this will help me for shure.

Multumesc foarte mult.
la revedere,
Daan From Canada.

Mike said...

Buna dimineata,

Eu sunt Mikhael. I really appreciate what you are doing with this weekly lesson guide, and look forward to you keeping up with it. It has been really hard to find good resources for learning the Romanian language, and you are really putting a lot of time and energy into helping people such as myself. I congratulate you on a job well done, and can't wait for my skills to grow.

Many thanks, and La revedere!


Anonymous said...

Salut, Florin!

I am very happy to have finally found this website. I have been studying Romanian for a couple of years now, and it has been almost impossible to find good interactive study materials on the internet.

This podcast program is very similar to some other successful podcast programs that I use for French and Italian, so I can tell you that you will definitely have much success here once more people discover this wonderful website.

I hope that in time, you will be putting up more advanced podcasts, as well as perhaps some podcasts that tell about Romanian culture. The language is beautiful, and I would very much like to learn more about you and the people who speak it.

La revedere,


Florin said...


Thanks for your comment. I will consider having advanced lessons, I am working on extending the website too, but this will take time, as this is a hobby for me.

Good luck!

02 said...

hi! for those who are intreasting for learning romanian language here is a link

th3bird said...

Florin!! Multumesc!! You explained very well. :D

Anonymous said...

Salut Florin,

Me and my girlfriend have been trying for some time to find a lesson such as this. We have been in romania for a month now and we are from california and this is going to be a tremendous help for us. Keep the lessons coming!

prietenii tau din california,
Andrew and Alice

More said...


eu sunt Manuel, im learning romanian because of my girlfriend but she doesn't want to teach me so here I am.

la revedere !

Anonymous said...

Salut Florin!

ma numesc Dora. i loved the first lesson so much. although i knew pretty much all of what was there, but it was great to have my knowledge organized as you have done. i'm going on a trip soon and i'll be revising what i learned from your podcasts!
i hope i have better luck with learning Romanian this time.

now, on to podcast number two :)