Sunday, January 13, 2008

002 – Romanian-Podcast.Net – A face cunoştinţă (Meeting People)

Hello, the second episode is now available for download.

The files: audio (mp3) and the transcript (pdf).

I hope you enjoy it. Don't hesitate to comment or give your ideas. I appreciate any feedback.


Anonymous said...

The link doesn´t runs well!

Florin said...

Hi, thanks for your message. Indeed there was an error in the link to both files. I corrected it and now everything should be fine.

Trumoi said...


I will try to learn some romanian. I will come with comments for sure.


Florin said...


Good luck with your studies and I am looking forward to your comments.

Succes! (= Good luck!)

Anonymous said...

woow, this is great Florin.
I subscribed your podcast on Itunes.
I'm looking forward o your next lesson.

till now I don't have any comments.
I like it a lot.

keep on going.