Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to the Romanian Podcast

Hello and welcome to Romanian-Podcast.Net (alternatively: romanian-podcast.blogspot.com). This podcast will help you learn Romanian.
For the beginning, my intention is to publish one lesson per week. Initially, I will start with lessons of about 7-8 minutes. Each lesson will be recorded as an MP3 audio file and its transcript will be available as a PDF file.

The first lesson (for week 1) will come soon. I hope you will enjoy it. Please write your comments, I will pay attention to each one of them.

I really hope you will find this very helpful. Good luck!

You can subscribe to the podcast (for example with iTunes or with Nokia N95 Podcast application) on this page: http://feeds.feedburner.com/romanian-podcast


Jeronimo said...

Acest este primul curs de limba româna pe care l-am gasit-o pe Internet. I don't speak romanian, but I'd like to. This is a great idea. Thanks for the podcast and, of course, for your time. I'll be always attent to your podcast.

Muchas gracias, hasta pronto.

Anonymous said...

I started now leraning romanian and I hope do make the best trough your site.
Thanks for your efforts


Pe curint.

Oscar Quispe Carbajal said...

Salut Florin!
Great podcast you have!!! I became interested in learning Romanian some months ago (my romanian friends have encouraged me to do it) and thanks to your lessons I have an excellent source for achieve that challenge.
Multumesc for your great work

La revedere.

By the way, ma numesc Oscar.

More said...

nice, i've been looking for somthing like this, romanian could be my fourth language :)

Anonymous said...

exactly what i was looking for! my god, where has this site been all this time?! i'll start listening to all your podcasts this instant!!!


Andrew said...

Thank you so much for these podcasts! My mom is from Romania, but I never picked up the language. Now, I really want to learn!