Thursday, May 07, 2009

Call for podcast lessons ideas!

Hi everybody.

This is not a podcast episode, this is an article to call for your ideas to create the following podcast episodes. Please reply to this post with anything you would like me to use as topics for the coming episodes.

I am really looking forward to your replies so that I can resume the podcast episodes.

Have an inspired weekend!


th3bird said...

Bună Florin. Thank you for making all these podcast. They are really helpful! :)
I still haven't finish all the podcast but I'm catching up. :p I was learning German last year and here are some ideas for topics. :)
Can you teach us how to express our feelings and simple comments? Like "I really like your shirt/scarf", "I am so happy/excited/sad/disappointed (various adjectives?)", "You look good/tired today!" or "The weather is so nice, lets go out for a walk/jog/coffee!". And how about other small talk questions and answers. Say, for number, hobby, weekend plans etc. What else... How about colors, clothing, transportation (how do you go to school/work), food, taste? :D Oh since I'm still in school, it would be very useful if I know how to ask for example: "How was the test/exam?", "Did you do your homework?" etc. :p
I think I read a comment earlier that suggests you to read through the material one time at the beginning and/or at the end, and then explain afterward. I agree with that and I believe that would be easier for us to review and be familiar with the stuff over time. ;)
Hope that my ideas can help you. :) And once again, thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...


Tahnks a lot. I will gather all these ideas (hopefully more will appear here) and come up with a new episode soon.


Anonymous said...

don't make podcast with topic, give us more grammar, some verbs, adjectives, etc. so we could build our own phrases ;)

Dave Jones said...

Florin, thanks so much for all the hard work so far, and for continuing this series. I am coming to Sibiu in July to work with 60-70 teenagers at a camp for underprivaledged kids. Since I am running the activites, I need to know things like..."Everyone come over here", "We're going to play a game", "Time is up", "Be nice, no hitting, no spitting, no cursing, don't throw sharp objects at your friends..." etc. But really, anything is helpful, even if you may think it mundane.

Anonymous said...

Bunã, Florine! Ma numesc Ida si locuiesc in norvegia. Vorbesc si limba romana.. Poti sa spune catva fraze care se vorbeasca cu copii? Fiea foarte interesant, pt ca am niste prietene care au copii si as vrea sa am o conversatie cu dumnalor.

Anonymous said...

Buna Florin.

I am at a stage where I am trying to talk to my friend but after the "basics" are out of the way I am lost with general conversation and we, unfortunately, revert back to English. So my feelings are topics, vocabulary, grammar, syntax etc that assist with picking up "General" conversation would be a great help.

To th3bird, if I may give you a hint. Break up your writing with paragraphs, it makes it so much easier to read. Your post is thoughtful but long and it is tempting to just go straight to the next one.

Mihai (Michael)

Anonymous said...

hey man, I love languages especially those coming from romance languages, how can i get in touch with you, i'd like to learn more.

Anonymous said...

hey man, I love languages especially those coming from romance languages, how can i get in touch with you, i'd like to learn more.

James said...

Buna Florin!

Thanks for these podcasts (and the support documents). I think this course is probably the most comprehensive Romanian course available on the internet and with a lot of potential.

Maybe you could develop themes that use different verbs and themes. Perhaps a good recurring theme could be Romanian culture. For example podcasts on Romanian history using lots of past tenses. You could do another on food, ordering food in a restaurant with useful vocabulary such as sarmale, mamaliga, etc. Another useful themes might be politics, economics and current affairs.. all useful subjects for making small talk.

O zi buna,

kdehater said...
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Dotan Cohen said...

Hello Florin! I just today discovered your podcast. My family will be traveling to Romania for the month of August. We have two daughters, 3.5 and 1.5 years old, and I would love to know some of the related ideas such as how to ask for baby-specific food / accommodation in restaurants, pharmacies, and hotels.

Thank you for your work, it is wonderful that you share Romania's language with us. We anxiously await to see the country firsthand.