Saturday, May 23, 2009

018 - Romanian-Podcast.Net - A placea.pdf

Hello podcast listeners,

The new episode in the romanian podcast series explains the usage of the verb to like - a plăcea. This episode is a bit longer than the previous ones. You can download here the audio (mp3) and the transcripts (pdf).

Thank you everybody for the ideas and suggestions for future episodes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, a very helpful blog lesson !

cc007 said...

You don't have idea about the help that you are doing.

I ever wanted to learn Romanian, because I love Latin Languages, and I know to speak Portuguese - my native language - French, Spanish, Italian and Esperanto. Missed only Romanian. Now, thanks for your help, I have got it.

forever be blessed my friend.


Anonymous said...


ne place site-ul tau si ne intrebam daca ai vreun RSS feed pe care noi l-am ratat din greseala? Am vrea sa abonam podcastul pt iTunes.

Mersi de ajutor!

Florin said...

In English, for everybody:

The link for iTunes was indeed missing, I corrected the issue. For clarity, I am lisitng it also here:


jeff said...

My name is Jeff. I just wanted to say thank you for this whole podcast. I wanted to learn Romanian because I met a girl from Romania, and I thought that it would be nice to be able to talk to her and her family in their language. I am new to the podcast, but already can tell that it will be a huge help! thank you for all of your effort! hopefully soon, I will be able to type a comment in Romanian!

Eric said...

This podcast was incredibly well done. Over the years, I've purchased material that wasn't this good!

There are not many thorough resources for English-speaking people. There are many phrase books, but not many explanations.

I need to create a PayPal account so I can help you out!

Florin said...

Thanks a lot for your comments. I will soon publish a new episode.

Good luck with the learning!

Donna said...

Am doar aflat despre podcast tau. Am incercat sa invat romaneste acum trei ani. Mama mea locuieste in Romania si am vizitat acolo 4 ori. Imi place foarte mult Romania si prietenii mei acolo. Inca, am mult sa invat - poti sa ma ajuti sa tradus ceva? Nu sunt sigura ce inseamna exact...pot sa-ti scriu cu email si nu aici pe web?

Florin said...

Hi Donna,

You can write to this address:


Anonymous said...

Dear Florin,
Thanks from me too. I find the lessons very helpful and easy to follow.
Wish you a lot of success in all your initiatives!
Good luck and I am looking forward for the next lessons!

Alegria said...

i'm here just to say thank you from all my heart..
i heard romenian in the first time with a singer, Cleopatra Stratan. and I fell in love with the language. then i found your website..
other people said and i agree, its very helpful.. and so good to understand..
sorry about my bad english, its because i'm brazilian and i dont like it too much, so i dont practice...
so, thank you again.. :D
i'm waiting for new classes!


Anonymous said...

I found these very useful but noticed last episode was nearly a year ago. Are you going to do anymore ?
Thanks for the episodes you have done.

Multumesc frumos !

Anonymous said...

I've just found this today. Amazing! Thank you soooo much, Florin! I hope you continue this when you have some time.

Piotrek said...

You made a very good job with this site:) Bravo! Im holding fists for what you are doing here! I'm polish and im learning romanian from some time. Together with my girlfriend we created a blog ab polish-romanian lanuage stuff. Come and see:

Anonymous said...

un travail magnifique , surtout qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de ressources pour le roumain.
Mille fois merci et

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!I'm a Chinese, so the Romanian grammar are very complicate, thanks to your clear explanation. keep going!!! we need you ;-)

Anonymous said...

yes I agree with all the comments - your podcasts are wonderful - you speak clearly and go over the pronunciation - feels like an individual lesson every time! hope you have some time to do more ...

Martin said...

I'v dicovered this blog recently. I have to say it is the best way how to learn Romanian I found and I hope there will be some more. Thank you a lot for your work here Florin. May the force be with you ;)

Steve J said...

Just tried one of your podcasts - It was great! I hope to do the others. Thank you for you effort here.