Sunday, June 01, 2008

013 - Romanian-Podcast.Net - Cât e ceasul?

I am back from a 2-weeks vacation with a new episode.

You'll learn how to tell the time in the literary language as well in spoken language. The media files are available here: the audio (mp3) and the text file (pdf).


Carlos said...

buna hello once again thanks for your podcast and I hope you enjoyed your holiday in the caribe :)

I liked the podcast 12 so make more similar to it :)

la reverede.............Carlos

Barbara said...

I like all the podcasts but am still waitinf for more issues to come out. Any hope for that?

La revedere,


Mircea said...

Great podcast, Florin! When is the next lesson coming out! Good work so far! Check out my site where you can fin free Romanian dialogues with an English translation, vocabulary section and grammatical explanations! It's all free!

Mircea said...