Tuesday, March 25, 2008

009 - Romanian-Podcast.Net - O cafea, vă rog!

Salut tuturor (hello everyone) şi bun venit la un nou episod al podcastului de limba română.

In this episode, George and Maria sit at a table in a café and order some coffee and tea. Learn the basics with this podcast about ordering and paying.

You can find here the audio file (mp3) and the text file (pdf), containing the full conversation and the vocabulary.

Enjoy the lesson!


Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this lesson
it had many new useful vocabulary, i do hope i can be able to use some of these phrases soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lotttt for this lesson. :)
It was really useful to me, I had learned new things from vocab, conversation sequence....
Thanks a lot for your effort, I appreciate that so much.

Martin said...

Dreat lessons! Gold medal to the author, I really hope in more of it!!!