Tuesday, January 29, 2008

003 - Romanian-Podcast.Net - Formule de politeţe (Being Polite)

Hello, the third episode is now available for download. I am sorry about the delay, I will still try to keep the one week schedule.

The files: audio (mp3) and the transcript (pdf).

I hope you enjoy it. And as usual, don't hesitate to comment or give your ideas. I appreciate any feedback. And many thanks to those who commented.

Note: There was a typo in the title and the names of the files, the word "Forumule" should be "Formule". I have corrected it, but those who have updated the podcast before my correction might still see it incorrectly.


Anonymous said...

Foarte bine Florin.

I like your lessons very much.
Especially the polite way of talking, very handy when I speak with my parents in law.

I don't have many comments.
Maybe you can send me a email, maybe I have some information that can help the other students.

Oh yeas, maybe 1 comment.
Maybe is nice to tell how to greet a lady.
Sărut mana doamna! Îmi pare bine

La revedere,

If you want to mial me:

Anonymous said...

Florin, thanks a lot for the lessons!

Can you tell me please what is better or "right" or what suites where: to say [sunt] or [sɨnt]? I heard [ɨ] in some other courses while you say [u]. And what's the stress in suntem/sîntem and sunteți/sînteți? First syllable or second? Or it depends?

Well, not the most important questions, but still annoying not to know this.

Thank you,


Florin said...

"sunt" came into use not many years ago (after the '89 Revolution), before that we used to say "sînt". Both of them are correct to be used. You will hear both forms in use.

The accent in suntem / sunteti are on the second sillable: sun-tém / sun-téti. This comes from the general rule of the 1st and 2nd person plural forms of verbs in group 4 (like: citi, iubi, veni, fi, etc.), where the stress is on the last sillable. But in real life, for the verb "a fi" you will hear people pronouncing these forms in both ways, with accent on either of the sillable.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

hii sir ,,, , thankss so much ,,,for such a good lesssonss