Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learn Romanian Magazine goes live, replacing Romanian-Podcast.Net!

Today is the big day, the day that will hopefully pleasantly surprise the “Romanian Podcast” site subscribers. I know I have not released any podcast episodes for a while. I have decided to rework the site and provide a more comprehensive way of learning and practicing Romanian. At the same time, all the old podcast episodes have been transferred and they will continue to be available on the new site. The old site will not be maintained anymore.

Let’s talk now about the features of this new site.

* Articles will be published on a regular basis on 3 difficulty levels: UŞOR (easy), MEDIU (medium) and DIFICIL (difficult). In each article, the words which are considered challenging for that level will be underlined and an explanation will be available on a mouse-over gesture. The explanation will be in Romanian, using basic words, synonyms, etc.
* Each article will have an audio recording available, where a genuine Romanian speaker will read it.
* The articles difficulty grade can be rated by the users (scale 1…10). This will be an important feedback for me, as I can tune the content to match the expected difficulty level of the users. For example, if a text marked as UŞOR (easy) would seem ok, the grade would be 5. If it is on the easy side, mark it under 5, it is a bit too difficult for an easy text, mark it 6-10.
* Feeds will be available for the whole content, and also separately for podcasts and for the texts with audio.

IMPORTANT: If you want to follow the new site, you will have to subscribe with your email addres or with the new feeds / iTunes links.

Depending on the success of this new format, new features will be developed. I hope you’ll find this useful and will enjoy it, and I will be glad to get your feedback.

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