Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Forum Page Opened

Hello everybody, the Romanian Podcast site has opened a Forum section, where all those interested about this podcast are welcome to register. The forum will help you in your learning process, you can start any discussion there related to the Romanian language (grammar, vocabulary, the podcast episodes, aso.), to Romania, traveling. You can also practise your Romanian language skills there and get feedback on it.

Don't hesitate, register today and take advantage of this unique oportunity for you to improve your Romanian.

Looking forward to your messages and feedback.


Shelly Roberts said...

Dear Florin, Thank you so much for what you are doing. I am an American who has been in Bucharest for 8 months now, doing business here. I have been diligently trying to learn Romanian. I gave up once with a teacher who was trying to teach me too much Romanian grammar. Your method of teaching is picking up perfectly and I am now zooming forward in my quest to be comfortable in the language. I look forward to each new lesson and have subscribed through itunes. I would love to see two lessons a week, but will be satisfied with the gift you offer, whenever you can upload it. I will recommend the podcasts to my entire expat group.

Thank you again.

Shelly Roberts

You can find my own experiences as an expat in Romania blogged at

ramah karolina said...

Bună Florin, ce mai faci?
My boyfriend is a Romanian, and he was the one who linked me your podcasts. I found this really great..I can hear the pronounciation very clear and the subjects are very interesting.
I am an Indonesian and willing to live in Romania
I find difficulties in learning Romanian, like the changes of the word like the feminine, masculine, neuter and the singular-plural
If you have time to upload a new podcast about this I'd be really glad :(
Thank you so much for the podcasts you made


Mircea said...

Check out more easy-flowing Romanian conversations at: