Monday, February 18, 2008

006 - Romanian-Podcast.Net - Numere (1)

Hello, episode six has now been released. Learn the basic numbers and how to use them with nouns of different genders.

It seems that the media files do not show up in iTunes, so I am republishing them again here: the audio (mp3) and the text file.


Carlos said...

I'm very happy because I always wanted to learn Romanian, and thanks to you I can do it! multumesc...I'd like to learn grammar or articles....I'm from revedere

Karina said...

Hi Florin!
Again thank you for the wonderful lessons! I am coming to Bucharest in 1 week and I can speak a little now! i was wondering do Romanians actually use Domnule and Domnisoara when speaking or just use the dumneavoastra form of the verbs? You are great thank you!!

Florin said...


and thanks for your comments

To Carlos: Articles coming a bit later, when we know some more nouns, so that we can then practise with them.

To Karina: Domnule and Domnisoara can be used indeed, and they are used when you first talk to someone whose name you don't know. But you can also use the "dumneavoastra" politenss pronoun with them.

Domnule, (dumneavoastra) vorbiti româneste? - you can use or omit "dumneavostra"

Or you can also use it when being polite to someone you know the name:
Domnule Ionescu, (dumneavostra) votbiti engleza?

Cu bine,

Ian said...

Hi Florin,

I've been copying your podcasts to CS and listening in the car on the drive to work. I'm making good progress and am very grateful to you for producing these podcasts. Like the structure and pace of the lessons, particularly the recap at the beginning of each lesson. Don't think this is competition for you, but I've also been using the free 'before you know it'language learning software. It's been really useful for vocabulary and includes audio of words - well worth a look at for anyone wanting to learn Romanian.

Thanks again Florin,



Mick said...

Buna FLorin.

Thank you again for your hard work producing these Podcasts. I am learning Romanian bit by bit, it is manageable and interesting.

I don't know what the problem is but I thought I would let you know. I have difficulty downloading the latest episode with my podcast catchers. I am able to retrieve the older ones but the latest episode is always difficult, even today I cannot download episode 006 with my pod catchers.


Florin said...

Salut Mick,

Multumesc pentru mesaj. (Thanks for the message). I have fixed it.


Nerium said...

Salut Florin!

Thank you very much for your lessons! They are really useful for those who are trying to learn Romanian. Please keep on!!!

From Spain

Igor Bokun said...

Hi Florin,

This is Igor from Poland. Great Job! Thank you for your effort and I'm looking forward to hearing the next episode :).


Florin said...

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your comments, I really appreciate your feedback. I promise I will continue with the lessons, though I am not sure about the pace, as I have been quite busy lately.

Good luck further with the learning.