Monday, February 04, 2008

004 - Romanian-Podcast.Net - A fi (To Be)

Hello, episode four is now available for download.

The files: audio (mp3) and the transcript (pdf).

I hope you are progressing with your learning. Drop me a comment if you have any questions.


Karina said...

Hi Florin, Thanks again for the podcasts. I was wondering if you use Tu when you are speaking to children? Thanks! Karina

Florin said...


Yes, "tu" is always used with children. Thanks for the comment. I will mention this in the next episode.


Karina said...

Hi Florin,
My friends and I are learning so much from your podcasts. You are a very good teacher! I like how you explain the use of the words and pronounce them slowly. if you need ideas for a lesson, it would be helpful to learn some things to say to start small conversations: Such as "I am still learning" , "Please speak slowly" , " I am from___" or "what do you like?" so maybe if we meet some people in Romania we could speak a little about ourselves. Just an idea! Thank you very much we look forward to the next lesson! Multsumesc!

Florin said...


Nice indeed to hear that you are progressing. And thanks for the excellent ideas. I promise to take them into account already in the next lesson.

Pe curând!

Mick said...

Buna ziua Florin.

I am about to update my podcasts but I just wanted to say another thank you. I have been using episodes 1 and 2 and with the help of a friend I have emailed educational institutes in Romania and used Romanian in the greetings and closing of the emails.

Multumesc pentru timpul acordat

Florin said...

Salut Mick,

Really impressed about your Romanian! Nice to hear you find the lessons useful.


eva_kedzior said...

Hi! II'm from Poland and i appreciate your lessons too. It's nice to listen to them as you give some practical advice and I can feel that you are a real human being not a voice from the casette:)
So i'm wating for more lessons and I hope you will tell us sth about grammar. By the way, do you have articles in romanian like in french for example?
thanks eva

Florin said...

Hi Eva,

I will tell you about grammar a bit later... To answer your question, yes, we also have the article (definite and indefinite). They depend on the gender of the noun.
For example, let's take the definite article:

For masculine:
* sg: "-l", pl: "i"
- băiat (=boy) -> băiat{ul} (=the boy) [the {u} is a linking vowel in case the words ends in consonant - most of masc nouns end in consonant]
- băieţi (=boys) -> băieţi{i}

For feminin:
* sg: "-a", pl: "le"
- fată (=girl) -> fat{a} [ă -> a]
- fete (=girls) -> fete{le}

Neuter nouns behave like masculine in singular and like feminine in plural.

I am preparing some grammar document about this, but it will take some time until I get it done.

Hope this helps,

eva_kedzior said...

Than You very much! Multumesc;)

Anonymous said...

it's great to actually hear romanian being pronounced rather than simply learn it through text only.
you're podcasts are great

multumesc mult!

pe curand :)